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Fraud alert!

Post Date:07/11/2018 12:46 PM

A crime recently occurred in *North County, which involved a scammer pretending to work for a water utility company. He told an elderly resident that he needed to check her water.  She let him into her home and he led her into the backyard to check her water pressure. While in the backyard, an accomplice entered and ransacked the house, stealing $100,000 worth of cash and jewelry.  Read more...

If someone comes to your home claiming to be from the Vallecitos Water District, ask for identification. All Vallecitos employees carry a photo ID issued from the District. Do not let the person in your home if you did not schedule a service appointment. If in doubt, call Vallecitos Water District at (760) 744-0460 to confirm that the person at your door is a District employee or call your local law enforcement agency if you feel threatened.

*Note: This crime did not occur in Vallecitos' service area, but in a neighboring North County city.