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A new inspection tool aids Vallecitos pipeline assessments

Post Date:01/30/2020 6:04 PM

A new pipeline inspection tool is being used by contractors working for the Vallecitos Water District to determine pipeline integrity.  This new device could become a standard tool saving water districts time and money in the future. 

Recently, Vallecitos needed to determine the condition of the ductile iron pipes from the 500-acre High Point subdivision in the City of Escondido. After nearly completing construction in 2008, developers walked away from this subdivision project and the water facilities were left unused for ten years. To check the condition of these pipes, crews inserted a tool developed by PICA Corporation called a “SeeSnake” into the pipeline, which uses an electromagnetic method on iron pipes.  The method can “see” past cement mortar, epoxy, or polyethylene lining to detect and size any corrosion damage to the iron structure of the pipe itself. Click on the link below to read more about this technology or watch the video to see it in action.  

Link to the full article and video on the Water News Network