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Water arrives and wastewater exits your home quickly on demand. However, to make this happen, in addition to using the vast pipes associated with its state-of-the-art water distribution and disposal system, Vallecitos enlists help from these external partners to assist in meeting that service obligation.

Water Wholesalers – Vallecitos currently has no local water supply and is therefore 100 percent reliant on imported water deliveries from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA), which is the their largest water purchaser.  MWD owns and operates the Colorado River Aqueduct, and buys the most water from the State Water Project for delivery of Sacramento-San Joaquin delta water to Southern California. They import water 444 miles from the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta in Northern California and 242 miles from the Colorado River and store and treat it at Lake Skinner in Riverside County. The treated water is then delivered to Vallecitos via the SDCWA aqueducts that run throughout the county. Once the water enters our boundaries, it is delivered to customers through Vallecitos' large, well-planned system of pumps, reservoirs and more than 350 miles of pipelines.

Poseidon Resources - To increase reliability and take advantage of a plentiful, drought-proof source nearby, Vallecitos began receiving desalinated ocean water in 2016 through an annual Water Purchase Agreement between Vallecitos and SDCWA. The Poseidon facility accounts for more than 1 billion gallons of Vallecitos’ annual water demand or enough water to supply more than 8,000 households in our service area.

Water from this endless, local source is a higher quality and can significantly reduce the impact to our customers in case water-use restrictions are imposed by wholesalers due to drought or natural disaster. An additional benefit is that it provides a local source of water that would be accessible during a major emergency if imported water is not available. Click here for more information.

Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD) – Vallecitos Board of Directors found an additional water source after working out an agreement in 2012 to purchase water from OMWD’s nearby Olivenhain Dam. Once the necessary infrastructure is constructed into place, Vallecitos will have an additional 2,750 acre-foot influx of water to its distribution system as soon as 2014. This new water source, combined with the desalinated water purchase, will diversify 39 percent of the District’s water supply portfolio, easing reliance on imported water while making a local water supply available during an emergency.

Encina Wastewater Authority  – Partially owned by Vallecitos, this agency located on the coast in Carlsbad processes a portion of the District’s wastewater and all of the District’s wastewater solids (removed during the treatment process) into green energy or "Pure Green Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer".