At Vallecitos, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. In order to minimize exposure and slow the spread of COVID-19, the District's lobby is closed to the public. Customers may still interact with Vallecitos staff via phone at (760) 744-0460 or by email.

  • Water bills can be paid in a variety of ways that do not involve visiting District offices, such as online billing or using our drop-box outside. 
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  • Water safety remains unaffected so customers can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual.  Learn more...
  • Board of Directors meetings will be teleconferenced until further notice. Learn more...



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Vallecitos isn’t only interested in being transparent.  Vallecitos Board receiving the Special District Leadership awards on 4-20-16
It wants to be a certified leader in it.

In 2014, the District received its first Special District Leadership Foundation’s Transparency Certificate of Excellence. By aligning with this non-profit organization looking to promote openness in operations and governance with customers of special districts, Vallecitos was able to showcase its sincerity in assuring ratepayers that the District values their trust and is dedicated to providing the most crystal clear service possible. Furthermore, this openness, which includes public postings and televised broadcast of all Board meetings, strengthens the District’s dedication to efficient and effective operations while at the same time continuing its focus on exceptional and sustainable services.

District of Distinction logoOnce Vallecitos received the “District Transparency Certificate of Excellence” in 2014, the District was then eligible to become a “District of Distinction” by completing additional requirements.  To further the Board's commitment to open government, at a regular Board meeting on April 20, 2016, Vallecitos was honored for achieving both the “District Transparency Certificate of Excellence” and “District of Distinction” accreditation by the Special District Leadership Foundation for completing all the essential governance transparency requirements.  This included conducting ethics training for all Board members, properly hosting open and public meetings, filing financial transactions and compensation reports to the State Controller in a timely manner, and posting transparency requirements on the District's website as highlighted below*.  Vallecitos is one of only 28 special districts, out of over 2,000 within the State of California, to obtain the "District of Distinction" recognition. In 2018, Vallecitos was again honored for achieving the "District Transparency Certificate of Excellence" and the "District of Distinction" accreditation.

Website posting requirements*

Board Members and Terms of Office:

Management Team Contact Information

Election Procedures and Deadlines

Board Meeting Agendas, Schedule and Archive

Video Recordings of Board Meetings

Mission Statement

District Services

Authorization statute/enabling act

Current Budget and Financial Audits

Financial Transaction Report

General Manager and Board Compensation and Benefits

Form 700: Cover Page (Statement of Economic Interest)

Form 802: Agency Report of Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket/Pass Distributions 

Form 806: Agency Report of Public Official Appointments

Staff Compensation

Annual Reimbursements Pursuant to Government Code Section 53065.5

Ethics Training Certificates for Board Members

Reserve Policy

Purchasing Policy

Map of District's Boundaries/Service Area