At Vallecitos, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. In order to minimize exposure and slow the spread of COVID-19, the District's lobby is closed to the public. Customers may still interact with Vallecitos staff via phone at (760) 744-0460 or by email.

  • Water bills can be paid in a variety of ways that do not involve visiting District offices, such as online billing or using our drop-box outside. 
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  • Water safety remains unaffected so customers can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual.  Learn more...
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Conservation and Outreach

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Vallecitos has been regularly meeting its customer’s water needs since 1955. However, this wouldn’t be possible without an effective water management program to keep this limited, natural resource available to start off with.

As a result, Vallecitos has made it a priority to not only offer a safe, reliable, life-sustaining product but has regularly participated in conservation programs that have over time curbed the need for imported water flows to our region.

In February 2017, Vallecitos' Board voted to rescind the voluntary drought restrictions while continuing to express their desire to sustain water conservation as a permanent way of life. With the ever-changing uncertainty of the State's water supply conditions, water-use efficiency will continue to be vital moving forward. Vallecitos encourages all customers to comply with the permanent water use restrictions that apply to all customers at all times, regardless of drought conditions, and take advantage of conservation programs, including: 


In collaboration with its wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, Vallecitos has been a regular participant in rebates for high efficiency toilets and washing machines, as well as weather-based irrigation controllers, just to name a few. Information on available rebates.

FREE Landscape Irrigation Audits
Approximately 50 percent to 80 percent of usage in the District is dedicated to outdoor water use. As a way to help alleviate this overuse, Vallecitos offers visits from a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor. This free service is designed to assist customers by developing a tailor-made conservation plan after checking the irrigation system and other water-use fixtures for inefficiencies. The audit can also help identify if there are any leaks at your property.  Information on Landscape Audits.

Water-wise gardening classes, tools and resources, events and more!
Vallecitos' wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, has a great website to help customers who want to make their home or business as water efficient as possible. Information on water-efficiency resources. 

Sustainable Demonstration Garden 
In 2010, Vallecitos’ front garden underwent a major renovation which includes decorative water features that run off collected rainwater and solar power, California-friendly plants, and weather-based irrigation controllers to create a Sustainable Demonstration Garden for all to visit and imitate at their home or business. Stop by our garden during regular business hours or email us for a private tour!

Vallecitos behind the scenes
Providing fresh drinking water to your tap requires importing water from distant areas, treating it, monitoring and pumping it through the District's hundreds of miles of pipes.  Then the real fun begins when the wastewater from your home or business is treated and recycled to provide irrigation water to golf courses and more. It's a complex undertaking and Vallecitos can show you how it’s done! The District regularly offers school field trips for students and “Water Academy” tours for adults that feature a behind-the-scenes look at operations to help encourage participants to conserve more and appreciate the value of our most precious resource.