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Heritage Park and Jack's Pond Park Programs

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Heritage Park - “Hands on History” program

In 2013, Vallecitos partnered with the San Marcos Historical Society to assist with its "Hands on History" school education program at Heritage Park (located inside Walnut Grove Park). This program gives local visiting elementary students hands-on demonstrations and presentations to learn about how residents lived, obtained water and disposed oIMG_7028f wastewater 100+ years ago.  During their visit, students will get a first hand look at an outhouse and antique potty chair, as well as getting to see and possibly even operate an antique hand-operated water pump.  At the end of the program, students definitely gain a new appreciation for hot running water and flushing toilets! 

Part of the program also includes a tour of the California native plant garden, which was donated by Vallecitos Water District, to learn about water conservation and how native California plants were used by the first inhabitants of San Marcos. 

To learn more and sign up for the “Hands on History” program, click here.
*See note below regarding transportation costs.


Jack’s Pond Park - “Movement of Water” presentation

Since 2005, Vallecitos has been involved with curriculum based outdoor education at Jack's Pond Park Nature Center for first and second grade students. During field trips to the nature center, Vallecitos' Public Information Department staff share with participants how water is delivered to San Marcos and other water related topics during their “Movement of Water” presentation. 

The experience also includes a nature walk around the premises, including a visit to Vallecitos' California native plant garden where students learn about how native plants benefit the ecosystem and the environment.  In addition, students visit the "conservation barn" on site and get to look through microscopes to view microorganisms that live in the pond water and get to experience hands-on exhibits about the water cycle, water wells, solar power, and plant species. In 2013, Vallecitos received the "Partners in Education Award" from the City of San Marcos in appreciation for continued support of the outdoor education programs at Jack's Pond Park Nature Center from 2005-2013.  

To learn more and sign up for the educational program at Jack's Pond Park Nature Center, click here.
Article about the conservation barn. 

* Note: To encourage participation in both of these programs, Vallecitos will pay for the cost of school bus transportation for all schools within the Vallecitos service area.  Transportation arrangements should be made through the school district and then invoiced to the Vallecitos Water District Public Information Department. Email for questions regarding transportation reimbursement.