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Teacher Handouts / Curriculum / Resources

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Besides Vallecitos’ school programs, there are many different resources available to teachers to bring water education into the classroom. Click on the links below for some free or minimal cost resources available:

Department of Water Resources: To help you develop classroom curriculum, the Department of Water Resources offers water education materials at no charge. The educational resources are an excellent way to connect local educators to local water issues, especially now that California is suffering exceptional drought conditions. Activities are aligned to the California Content Standards. Many of the topics included can be tailored to highlight local water issues including: non-point source pollution, storm water run-off, water conservation, climate change, water treatment, watershed management, and drought.  Some of the materials include lesson plans, student workbooks, posters, factsheets and stickers. 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The EPA offers an array of environmental and science based lesson plans, activities and ideas. Topics include: Air, climate change, ecosystems, energy, health, reduce-reuse-recycle, and water. Some additional links include:

Vallecitos Water District's Lending Library:  Borrow one of our numerous videos or books on just about any water, wastewater or reclamation topic you can imagine for kids and adults alike. Some featured topics include low-water-use landscaping, the Bay-Delta and conservation, to name a few.

San Diego County Water Authority
Vallecitos’ wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, has a few great school education opportunities available to schools in our service area. They provide materials for use by teachers in the classroom that tie into the water curriculum. These include two posters – a California water map showing the delivery of water to San Diego County and a Water Cycle map – both of which have value to grades 3 through 5. There are also workbooks tailored to 5th grade standards titled “Watersheds, Water and You” and various educational videos available for student viewing.   

Metropolitan Water District
The Metropolitan Water District is the wholesaler that supplies water to San Diego County. They offer free curriculum and activity materials to educators within their service area, which includes school served by the Vallecitos Water District. Their programs include elementary, secondary and post-secondary education curricula, supplemental materials, assemblies and in-class presentations for K-12 teachers and students. Each of their programs has been field-tested and correlates to the current California state content standards, particularly in the areas of science and history/social science. On their website, you will find numerous water-related activities for K-Post Secondary levels. They present classroom ideas and trivia questions to assist your curriculum. Unique field trips are also available for grades 4-12.

Project Wet
The California Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) program is looking for people who would enjoy sharing their knowledge of California’s water resources and are interested in joining regional collaborative efforts to promote and provide high quality water education training, support and materials to California educators, students and other fellow citizens using Project WET. 

Participants will receive training in how to organize and conduct a Project Wet workshop, including time to plan and coordinate with potential regional partners. Each participant will leave the training with a copy of the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide Book and a Facilitator’s binder- a ‘how-to’ guide with all the information necessary to conduct a Project WET event. To request an application and register email Brian Brown at California Project WET.

Water Education Foundation
The Water Education Foundation is a great resource for information about water resource issues. It offers a variety of programs to teach students, our future voters and leaders, about water.