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School Assemblies

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FREE School-Wide Assemblies for K-6th Grade

Vallecitos' water wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, sponsors assembly programs by “Shows That Teach” – specializing in performances which educate and motivate elementary school students. When selecting one of their FREE* school-wide assemblies, please choose the theater program that corresponds with the number of students at your school. They are only able to provide one school-wide assembly per school, per year. 

Examples of assemblies include:

H2O, Where Did You Go?h20 where did you go
This exhilarating musical theatre-style performance focuses on the journey of water and why it is a natural resource which should be protected. While emphasizing water conservation, this theatrical two-person show intertwines comedy and music to make learning fun as students learn about the water cycle, states of matter, and water facts. Each teacher will receive materials that reinforce concepts presented in the assembly. 

Concepts covered: 

  • The Journey of water
  • How tap water gets to your home
  • Aquifers and watersheds
  • Water Conservation

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum total number of student enrollment for “H2O, Where Did You Go” assembly is 500 (split between two shows).




“Waterology” is an energetic musical show about water science, water runoff, and water conservation. Audiences are interactively involved with songs, competitions, call-and-response skits and comedy to make every moment of this one-person show memorable. Key phrases are translated into Spanish. The show also educates students about aquifers and water pollution caused by runoff into storm drains and about the value of water.

Concepts covered:

  • The water cycle Water is vital for living things
  • What “conserve” means
  • Three states of matter
  • How water gets to our homes
  • Gravity’s effect on water

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum total number of student enrollment for Waterology is 200-499 (split between two shows). Schools with student enrollment under 200 do not qualify.


Information for assemblies 

Assembly location: At your school
Cost: The San Diego County Water Authority pays the fee, so it is free* for your school.

*Until SDCWA funding is exhausted.

To schedule an assembly, please go to the San Diego County Water Authority's website. Please e-mail Shows That Teach if you have any questions.