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Splash Lab and Green Machine

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Outdoor education is an effective way for students to learn about water conservation through hands-on instruction. Vallecitos supports the Splash Science Mobile Lab and Green Machine, provided by the San Diego County Office of Education, and pays for the cost of these programs to come to your school*. Each experience allows the students to take a closer look at nature, learn hands-on science, and develop a commitment to environmental sustainability and community service.

*Funding is limited and based on a first come/first served basis. Available to public and private schools located within Vallecitos’ service area.                

Splash Science Mobile Lab

The Splash Science Mobile Lab is a completely self-contained mobile science laboratory offering students the opportunity to learn about watershed issues by acting as scientists to solve a water-quality mystery. The standards-based program is aligned with the Environmental Education Principles and Concepts and is designed for young, scientific minds (grades 4-6) and provides hands-on laboratory experiments.  It is the experience of a field-trip brought directly to your school.

Through the Splash Science Mobile Lab, students walk away with a better understanding of how water pollution affects the environment, humans, and wildlife by participating in six hands-on stations involving microscopes with live specimens, chemistry experiments, activities on state-of-the-art computers and much more.

To schedule a Splash Science Mobile Lab visit for your school, click here.

To learn more, watch the video below:


The Green Machine

green machine 2The Green Machine is a hands-on science interactive learning program aligned with the California Science content standards, that is also brought directly to the schools. The Green Machine also provides schools assistance in starting their own school garden.

Designed for grades K-4, the "Green Machine" is a two-phased program that provides dynamic hands-on instruction about "seed-to-table" agriculture. Cross-curricular lesson plans teach students where their food comes from, what it takes to grow food (including a great deal of water), and how to grow healthy, nutritious food. The second phase brings a master gardener to the school to assist in starting a garden. To schedule a Green Machine visit for your school, click here.