Water/Sewer Bill Calculator

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The Water/Sewer Bill Calculator is designed to approximate your future water bill.  Actual charges may vary depending on actual usage and additional factors.  The calculator is an information tool for Vallecitos customers.

Using a recent water bill, open up the Excel calculator link highlighted in red below:
1.  Select Account Type from the drop-down menu.  Your account type is listed under Account Information.
2.  Select property's Meter Size from the drop-down menu. Your meter size is listed under Meter Information.
3.  Based on your previous Units Used, enter the unit value in the Usage Used field below. 
     Locate the total units used under Meter Information. 

4.  Select "Yes" or "No" to include/exclude Sewer charges. (The majority of Vallecitos customers have sewer service). 

Hit Enter and review the calculation of your water bill.  To view how your bill may change throughout the year, enter your historical water usage in the Units Used section.


Water/Sewer Bill Calculator

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