Capital Improvements Fiscal Year 2018-2019

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Active Capital Improvement and Replacement Projects
for the Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Capital Improvement Projects are identified in the current Vallecitos Water District Master Plan and are budgeted and implemented as increasing demands require upgrades to current infrastructure. Capital Replacement Projects are scheduled when Vallecitos Operations staff identifies damaged or aging infrastructure that requires repair or replacement. The Capital Budget is typically planned to extend over a five year cycle.

  1. North Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) Upgrade
  2. South Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) Upgrade
  3. Stargaze Ct & River Run Cir Rehab
  4. Nursery Valve Relocation Project
  5. Rock Springs Sewer Replacement
  6. Montiel Gravity Outfall

  7. San Marcos Interceptor Phase 2

  8. VWD Operations Building - Tenant Improvement
  9. Fulton Road and NCDT Sewer Line Rehabilitation

  10. Schoolhouse Tank Refurbishment

  11. Laurels Sewer Lining