Board Approval

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The signing and approval of the improvement plans is contingent on the payment of all required Fees and Deposits prior to construction, the execution of all Document and Agreements, all Securities and Bonding posted, and the submittal of the project to the District’s Board of Directors for Approval. The signing and approval of the plans indicate the proposed improvements have met the criteria to start construction.

Approval and Signing of Improvement Plan Requirements

Fees and Deposits

Payment of all required Fees and Deposits.

Submittal of improvement and grading plans printed on Mylar for Districts signature.
Fire Marshal shall have signed mylars prior to submittal to the District for signature.

Documents and Agreements
Signed and Notarized copies of all Documents and Agreements previously prepared and supplied during the plan check process, must be submitted for Districts approval and signatures.
Construction Agreements (x2) and Other Documents and Agreements (if applicable).

Bonding or Securities Posted

Board of Director Approval
All required items must be submitted to the District’s Board of Directors for approval fourteen (14) days before the District’s Board of Directors meeting.

District Board of Director Meeting Calendar

Signing of Plans
Plans will be signed after the Board Approves the project. Allow up to three (3) days for District Engineer to sign the original improvement plans.



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