Final Acceptance

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Final Acceptance - Granted by District Board of Directors

Final Acceptance - “the act of accepting a project into the maintained system”- is the action taken by the Vallecitos Water District Board of Directors upon completion of a new development project to be serviced by the District.  

The developer must provide proof that all of the required conditions assigned to the project have been met to the satisfaction of the Engineering and Inspection Departments.  

As-Built - Mylars with ACAD electronic files and materials list must be provided to the GIS/Mapping department.  

The warranty bond must be posted for one year warranty period.  

The finance department must provide an accounting clearance.  

The project information including a brief background of the project, short description, a detailed list of improvements, fiscal impacts, and the recommendation of District staff is then compiled into a Board memo and presented to the Board at the next scheduled meeting.  

After Acceptance

  • Water meters are unlocked and water & sewer service can be supplied to the project.
  • Notice of Completion is recorded by the District. 
  • Improvement bonds are returned to the developer. 
  • Refund issued of remaining balances (if applicable) minus retention for final inspection.  
  • Final inspection is to be completed at the end of the one year warranty period. 
  • The passing of final inspection will initiate the request to release warranty bond.


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