Signing of Plans

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The approval and signing of the construction plans authorizes the developer to begin construction of the project. A signature on the plan means the project has been presented to the Engineering department staff, satisfactorily gone through all of the steps of plan check, been reviewed by the District Engineer, and approved by the Board of Directors.

Signing of Plans

In order to receive Board approval the project must be presented at a Board meeting.

The project information including a brief background, short description, a detailed list of improvements, fiscal impacts, and the recommendation of District staff is compiled into a Board memo and presented to the Board.

The Board reviews the information presented by the District staff. This information may include a description of; density above projections in the Master Plan, impacts to the current system, and a summary of proposed infrastructure improvements.

Once approved a construction agreement is signed and executed by the developer.

The developer must have the plans approved and signed by the Fire Marshal prior to being presented to the District for signature.

The plans are then signed by the District Director of Engineering.







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