Water and Sewer Services - Residential

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Vallecitos Water District provides water, wastewater, and reclamation services to San Marcos; parts of Carlsbad, Escondido, Vista and other unincorporated areas in north San Diego County. Existing Single Family Residential properties in our sphere of influence that are interested in establishing new services or in changing existing services with Vallecitos Water District can be helped through the Engineering Department.

Water and Sewer Services
In order to connect to Vallecitos Water District services a water and/or sewer main must be available at the frontage of the property. If a main is not available the property owner may be required to extend the current facilities to the property frontage in order to service the property. The extension of the line and associated costs would be the responsibility of the property owner.

Reimbursement Agreement

If a property owner finances the extension of the main line to service the property and this line could service additional parcels in the future, a reimbursement agreement may be executed. This agreement would associate a payback option for future connections.

Water Meter Installation and Sewer Lateral Connection
If the property has never had a meter installed, and a main line connection is available on the property frontage, engineering can provide property owner with the associated fees and requirements. Once fees are paid a meter can then be installed and/ or a service connection can be established. The property owner may hire a private licensed contractor (Class A: General Engineering Contractor, C36: Plumbing Contractor or C42: Sanitation System Contractor) of their choice to install the services. An inspection deposit would be necessary for VWD to inspect the connection. If the property owner would like the District to install the meter and connection a quote could be requested. The scheduling of this service is based on the workload of the construction field crews.

Vallecitos Water District maintains the water and sewer mains. Lines installed to service private properties are the responsibility of the property owner. These service lines do require periodic maintenance from the property owner. Properly maintained lines ensure functionality.

Upgrading Water Meter
If the property has an existing water meter and is required to upgrade, please contact the Engineering Department for the current meter size requirements and possible credits available.

Annexation and District Boundaries
If the property requesting service connections is not located in the service boundaries, owner may need to process an annexation  into the District. Water Boundary Map  and Sewer Boundary Map.

Fees and Deposits
The Engineering department assists the property owner and developer in determining the fees and/or deposits that may be applicable to the proposed project. Criteria used may include the size of project, type of development, current land use, proximity to existing facilities, open space and right of way designations or increased density. Properties larger than one acre may require additional computations.

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Septic Systems and Well Water
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