At Vallecitos, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. In order to minimize exposure and slow the spread of COVID-19, the District's lobby is now closed to the public. Customers may still interact with Vallecitos staff via phone at (760) 744-0460 or by email. Water bills can be paid in a variety of ways that do not involve visiting District offices, such as online billing or using our drop-box outside. Learn more about payment options...

  • Water service remains unaffected so customers can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual.  Learn more...
  • Board of Directors meetings will be teleconferenced until further notice. Learn more...
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    Quality assured to deliver a passing grade Your water is securely delivered and put through thousands of tests annually and consistently meets or exceeds all federal and state drinking water standards.

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    Committed to service and environmental excellence Since 1981 Vallecitos has been one of the region’s leading recycled water producers, now recycling up to 74 percent of the wastewater generated in its service area.

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    Certified leaders in transparency Demonstrating the Board's commitment to open government, Vallecitos achieved the “District Transparency Certificate of Excellence” and “District of Distinction” accreditation.

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    Looking up to a higher standard of excellence 24/7 Our crews are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that you always have reliable water and sewer service.

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    Conserving resources today for availability tomorrow As natural resources become more limited, Vallecitos has increased recycled water capacity and created the region’s first sustainable demonstration garden.

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    Certified to serve you Vallecitos field staff are certified by the State of California to make them that much more capable of providing the reliable service our customers have come to expect.

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    Less is more! Saving water can benefit two places: the environment and your pocketbook! Experience an elevation in conservation with cutting-edge conservation programs.

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Community Spotlight

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    To protect the health and safety of the public during the coronavirus pandemic, Vallecitos' lobby is closed to the public until further notice. However, to facilitate transparency, Board meetings will be held remotely and the public is invited to watch the meetings live. Learn more...



  • Update on Vallecitos Board of Directors meetings Update on Vallecitos Board of Directors meetings

    Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 and social distancing measures, Vallecitos Water District will hold future meetings via teleconferencing.

  • No wipes down the pipes No wipes down the pipes

    As residents increase their purchases of disinfecting wipes and paper towels to sanitize their homes due to coronavirus concerns, please remember to throw these items in the trash rather than flushing them down the toilet.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) update Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

    Despite widespread fears about the coronavirus, there’s no evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted through water. Vallecitos’ tap water is available, plentiful and safe.

  • Vallecitos employee leads by example with WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Vallecitos employee leads by example with WaterSmart Landscape Makeover

    See how she transformed the front yard at her new home into a beautiful water-efficient design with help from the San Diego County Water Authority’s Landscape Makeover Program.

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