Conservation Rebates

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It pays to save...

Water-use efficiency is a critical part of the region’s long-term strategy to ensure adequate water supplies. To help ease the transition to a more water-efficient home or business, several water conservation rebate programs are available for Vallecitos Water District customers. The rebates are offered by our wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority and are listed on their website. This site is continually updated with the most current rebate information and also includes information about all available incentives, tools, and programs designed to make the most of the region's limited water supplies. The links below list the most current rebate information:

Turf Replacement Rebate

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Turf replacement rebates may be offered through the San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program, which is the go-to resource to assist San Diego County residents in adopting sustainable landscaping best practices through education and training, technical assistance, landscaping materials and financial incentives.

For qualified applicants, incentives will provide a reimbursement of $1.75 per square foot to replace water-intensive turf grass with landscaping that provides an array of environmental benefits. The incentive program requires rainwater capture and detention, soil enhancements, climate-appropriate plants, water-efficient irrigation methods and site inspections. Funding for these incentives is limited.  Click here for more information on this program/rebate.