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FREE Landscape Irrigation Audits

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galloway_121219_7375_webUsing more water than you should? Reduce water waste with a FREE landscape irrigation audit.

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you when there is a problem with your irrigation system when you see broken pipes or water gushing out into the street. However, sprinkler systems can waste a tremendous amount of water if they're not working properly, and it is often difficult for someone not trained in this field to detect the problems. That's why Vallecitos offers customers a free landscape irrigation audit, which features a visit to your property from a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, a specialist trained and committed to efficient water use management. 

What is involved in an irrigation audit?

Think landscape science 101. The Irrigation Auditor will assist customers in learning about their soil profile, plant material, irrigation control clock system, and current irrigation scheduling methods – all critical factors in controlling overall water use. They can also address many other concerns that may exist in one's particular landscape. The exterior survey will involve a test run of the irrigation system to identify any maintenance issues, and if needed, the auditor will also spend time explaining how to adjust the irrigation control timer.

Based upon the plants and soil moisture index provided by a quick soil probe sample, an annual irrigation schedule may be created that will meet your property’s watering needs while reducing irrigation cycles, potentially saving you water and money.

For residential propaudit_metererties, the irrigation auditor can also conduct an interior survey by having all the plumbing fixtures turned off and then observing the water meter. If the meter still moves, it will be an indicator that there is a leak somewhere on the property. Types of necessary repairs can then be addressed. This can be an important step if you have recently experienced an unusually high bill.

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Landscape irrigation audits, also known as "WaterSmart Checkups", are available to all types of customers: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, multi-family, homeowner associations, schools and any other local institutions. Just complete an easy application and a staff member from the Mission Resources Conservation District will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment.*  watersmart-sdcounty-logo

For more information, go to or download program flyers.

*Vallecitos' wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, and its member agencies sponsor the WaterSmart Checkup Program. This program is managed by the Mission Resources Conservation District on behalf of the Water Authority. The time associated with each audit varies greatly depending on the size of the property.